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Route 66 "Master List" of Attractions

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Route 66 "Master List" of Attractions

Postby JND » Sun Oct 02, 2011 3:57 am


This thread attempts to maintain a current and as up-to-date as possible list of all major Route 66 attractions, including hotels and motels, dining establishments, roadside attractions and novelties, museums, infrastructure and more. You are encouraged to assist in keeping this list updated by reporting errors, omissions and lost treasures within this thread. I will then make the appropriate changes to reflect.

Please keep in mind that this list is not intended to be an itinerary, and should not be used as one. The purpose is simply to list whatever's available in the way of major attractions, accommodations and interesting sights along the route to help you pick and choose what's right for you as you plan your own itinerary. As time permits, I will link each listing to a place where you can obtain more detailed information.

Obviously, this is a work in progress that I cannot maintain alone. Any input, suggestions, additions, corrections and/or requests are greatly appreciated!

Generally, from east to west, you'll find:

  • Grant Park, Chicago
  • Willis Tower, Chicago
  • Union Station, Chicago
  • Castle Car Wash, Chicago
  • Old St Patrick’s Church, Chicago
  • Lou Mitchell’s, Chicago
  • Henry’s Drive-In, Cicero
  • Dell Rhea’s Chicken Basket, Willowbrook
  • Rialto Square Theatre, Joliet
  • Joliet Historical Museum, Joliet
  • Route 66 Raceway, Joliet
  • Joliet (Blues Brothers) Prison, Joliet
  • Gemini Giant at the Launch Pad Inn, Wilmington
  • Old Route 66 Family Restaurant, Dwight
  • Ambler's Texaco Station, Dwight
  • Wishing Well Cafe, Odell
  • Standard Oil Station, Odell
  • Old Log Cabin Inn, Pontiac
  • Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame and Museum, Pontiac
  • Railroad Depot, Chenoa
  • Eddies Pure Oil Truck Stop, Normal
  • 1.6 Mile Unused Roadway, Normal
  • Preserved Bridge, Normal/Towanda
  • Funks Grove Pure Maple Sirup, Funks Grove
  • Old Shirley Depot, Funks Grove
  • Dixie Truck Stop, McLean
  • Giant Hot Dog Statue, Atlanta
  • J.H. Hawes Grain Elevator, Atlanta
  • Route 66 Park, Atlanta
  • Palms Grill Cafe, Atlanta
  • Pig Hip Remains (Ernie & Fran Edwards), Broadwell
  • Die Cast Motors, Williamsville
  • Cozy Dog Drive-In, Springfield
  • Route 66 Hotel, Springfield
  • Shea’s Gas Station, Springfield
  • Lincoln’s Tomb, Springfield
  • Our Lady of the Highways, Raymond
  • Ariston Cafe, Litchfield
  • Vic Suhling Gas Station (sign remains), Litchfield
  • Mother Jones Grave, Mount Olive
  • Soulsby Station, Mount Olive
  • Henry’s Rabbit Ranch, Staunton
  • Country Classic Cars, Staunton
  • Duda Restaurant (pizza?), DeCamp Junction
  • Innkeeper Motel, Hamel
  • Town and Country Motel (sign), Edwardsville
  • Itty Bitty Restaurant, Mitchell
  • Bel Air Drive-In (remains), Mitchell
  • Luna Cafe, Mitchell
  • World’s Largest Catsup Bottle, Collinsville
  • Chain of Rocks Road Relics, Collinsville
  • Old Chain of Rocks Bridge
    (LOOPBACK I-270)

    (LOOPBACK I-270)
  • Old Chain of Rocks Bridge
  • Gateway Arch, St Louis
  • Magic House, St Louis
  • Donut Drive-In, St Louis
  • Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, St Louis
  • St Louis Car Museum
  • Meramec Caverns, Stanton
  • Jesse James Museum, Stanton
  • Antique Toy Museum, Stanton
  • Bourbon Lodge - Bourbon
  • Cuba Murals, Cuba
  • Wagon Wheel Motel, Cuba
  • Bob's Gasoline Alley, Cuba
  • 66 Outpost World’s Largest Rocking Chair, Fanning
  • Totem Pole Trading Post, Rolla
  • John's "Modern" Cabins, Doolittle
  • Stony Dell remains, Doolittle
  • Hookers Cut, Hooker
  • Devils Elbow
  • Munger Moss Motel, Lebanon
  • Wrinks Market, Lebanon
  • RV Express RV Park and Route 66 Motel, Marshfield
  • Wild Animal Safari, Strafford
  • Steak ‘n’ Shake, Springfield
  • Gillioz Theatre, Springfield
  • Rest Haven Court, Springfield
  • White Hall Antiques, Halltown
  • Sinclair Station, Paris Springs
  • Spencer Garage, Spencer
  • Red Oak II Cafe, Carthage
  • Boots Motel (closed), Carthage Note: Is reopening May 8. 2012 with 5 newly renovated rooms.
  • Precious Moments Park & Chapel, Carthage
  • 66 Drive-In, Carthage
  • Bugler's Used Cars (vintage clunkers), Carterville
  • Trolly Car Trestle Remains, Webb City
  • Bradbury Bishop DeIi, Webb City
  • Route 66 Movie Theater, Webb City
  • Route 66 Visitors Center (former station), Webb City
  • Joplin Museum Complex, Joplin
  • Woody’s Wood-Fired Pizza, Joplin
  • Native Rock & Mortar Ruins, Joplin
  • Stateline Liquors, Stateline
  • Paddock Liquors, Stateline

  • 4 Women on the Route, Galena
  • Mining and Historical Museum, Galena
  • Howard Litch Memorial, Galena
  • Spring River Inn (sign), Galena
  • Eisler Brothers General Store, Riverton
  • Marsh Rainbow Arch Bridge, bet Riverton and Baxter
  • Willow Creek Bridge (remains?), bet Riverton & Baxter
  • Baxter Inn & General Store, Baxter Springs
  • Phillips 66 Station, Baxter Springs
  • Heritage Center and Museum, Baxter Springs
  • Kansas Route 66 Visitors Center, Baxter Springs
  • Former Bus Station 1112 Military, Baxter Springs
  • Twilight Drive-In (remains?), Baxter Springs

  • Mickey Mantle Boyhood Home, Commerce
  • Mickey Mantle Statue, Commerce
  • Allen’s Fillin’ Station, Commerce
  • Coleman Theater, Miami
  • Sidewalk Route 66 Highway, between Miami and Afton
  • Afton Station Packard Museum, Afton
  • Route 66 Motel, Afton
  • Route 66 Inn, Vinita
  • Park Hills Motel & RV Park, Vinita
  • McDonalds, Vinita
  • Chelsea Motel, Cheslea
  • World’s Largest Totem Pole, Foyil
  • Will Rogers Memorial, Claremore
  • The Nut House, Claremore
  • Claremore Motor Inn, Claremore
  • Twin Bridges over Verdigris River, Catoosa
  • Blue Whale, Catoosa
  • Blue Dome, Tulsa
  • Hank’s Hamburgers, Tulsa
  • El Rancho Grande, Tulsa
  • Ollie’s Station, Tulsa
  • Desert Hills Motel, Tulsa
  • Frankoma Pottery, Sapulpa
  • Bristow Train Depot, Bristow
  • Cotton Gin, Kellyville
  • Skyliner Motel, Stroud
  • Rock Cafe, Stroud
  • Chandler Phillips 66 Station, Chandler
  • Museum of Pioneer History, Chandler
  • Lincoln Motel, Chandler
  • McJerry's Art Studio, Chandler
  • Seaba Filling Station, Warwick
  • The Round Barn, Arcadia
  • Hillbillies Bed and Breakfast, Arcadia
  • Frontier City, Oklahoma City
  • Western Trail Trading Post, Oklahoma City
  • Oklahoma State Capitol Dome, Oklahoma City
  • Gold Dome, Oklahoma City
  • Express Clydesdales, Yukon
  • Fort Reno, El Reno
  • Cherokee Trading Post, El Reno
  • Pony Bridge, (between Geary/Bridgeport)
  • Nutopia Nuts, Hydro
  • Lucille's, Hydro
  • Route 66 Drive In (remains), Weatherford
  • Mid-Town Travel Inn, Clinton
  • Clinton Inn & Suites, Clinton
  • Oklahoma Route 66 Museum, Clinton
  • Foss - Ghost Town
  • Catholic Cemetery, Canute
  • Flamingo Inn, Elk City
  • National Route 66 Museum, Elk City
  • Western Motel, Sayre
  • Sandhills Curiosity Shop, Erick
  • Harley and Annabelle's Curiosity Shop, Erick
  • Texola Post Office & Jail House (remains)

  • U-Drop Inn, Shamrock
  • Irish Inn, Shamrock
  • Pioneer West Museum, Shamrock
  • The Texan Route 66 Motel, Shamrock
  • Rattlesnake Sign, Lela
  • Post Office, Alanreed
  • 66 Super Service, Alanreed
  • Regal Reptile Ranch (remains), Alanreed
  • Cactus Inn, McLean
  • Devil’s Rope Barbed Wire Museum, McLean
  • Chalet Inn, Groom
  • Leaning Tower, Groom
  • Largest Cross, Groom
  • The Bug Farm, Conway
  • Conway Trading Post, Conway
  • Triangle Motel (bypass), Conway
  • Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo
  • Big Texan Steak Ranch, Amarillo
  • Big Texan Motel, Amarillo
  • Lile Art Gallery (Croc), Amarillo
  • Dot’s Mini-Museum, Vega
  • Bonanza Motel, Vega
  • Boot Hill Saloon and Grill, Vega
  • Vega Motel, Vega
  • Hickory Inn Cafe, Vega
  • Midpoint Cafe, Adrian
  • The Bent Door Trading Post, Adrian
  • Caprock Gas Station, Gruhlkey
  • Glenrio (ghost town), Glenrio
  • First Inn Last Inn, Glenrio

New Mexico

  • San Jon Motel, San Jon
  • Kix on 66, Tucumcari
  • Blue Swallow Motel, Tucumcari
  • Motel Safari, Tucumcari
  • Buckaroo Motel, Tucumcari
  • Pow Wow Inn, Tucumcari
  • Historic Route 66 Motel, Tucumcari
  • Palomino Motel, Tucumcari
  • Dinosaur Museum, Tucumcari
  • Tucumcari Historical Museum, Tucumcari
  • Teepee Curios, Tucumcari
  • Route 66 Auto Museum, Santa Rosa
  • Blue Hole, Santa Rosa
  • Motel La Loma, Santa Rosa
  • Silver Moon Restaurant, Santa Rosa
  • Ma & Pa Motel, Santa Rosa
  • Tower Motel, Santa Rosa
  • Comet Drive-In (?), Santa Rosa
  • Coronado Court Motel, Santa Rosa

  • Stage Coach Motor Inn, Santa Fe
  • Silver Saddle Motel, Santa Fe
  • El Rey Inn, Santa Fe
  • Santa Fe Sage Inn, Santa Fe
  • Inn at Loretto, Santa Fe
  • Kings Rest Court, Santa Fe

    (SPLIT: POST 1937 I-40 ROUTE)
  • Old Route 66 Bridge (I-40 bridge east of the rest area exit 252)
  • Roy Cline Service Station, Clines Corners
  • Longhorn Ranch (remains?)
  • Sunset Motel, Moriarty
  • Whiting Bros Station, Moriarty
  • Siesta Motel, Moriarty
  • Sands Motel, Moriarty
  • Old Yucca Motel, Moriarty
  • Old Cactus Motel, Moriarty
  • Lariat Motel, Moriarty
  • Lewis Anitque Auto and Toy Museum, Moriarty
  • Ponderosa Motel, Moriarty
  • Route 66 Motel, Moriarty
  • Kelly’s Brew Pub, Albuquerque
  • Route 66 Diner, Albuquerque
  • Route 66 Malt Shop, Albuquerque
  • Dog House Drive-In, Albuquerque
  • Hiway House, Albuquerque
  • The Hotel Blue, Albuquerque
  • Stardust Inn, Albuquerque
  • KiMo Theatre, Albuquerque
  • La Puerta Motor Lodge, Albuquerque
  • Luna Lodge, Albuquerque
  • Pinon Lodge, Albuquerque
  • Urban Motor Court, Albuquerque
  • Route 66 Inn, Albuquerque
  • La Mesa Court, Albuquerque
  • Tewa Motor Hotel, Albuquerque
  • Desert Sands Motor Hotel, Albuquerque
  • Hiland Theatre, Albuquerque
  • Aztec Motel, Albuquerque
  • El Rey Theater, Albuquerque
  • Bell's trading Post, Albuquerque
  • Tower Court, Albuquerque
  • 66 Court Motel, Albuquerque
  • Westward Ho Motel, Albuquerque
  • Casas de Suenos Old Town Historic Inn, Albuquerque
  • Old US66 Bridge
  • Owl Rock, Mesita
  • Deadman's Curve, Mesita
  • Villa de Cubero Cafe, Cubero
  • Camposanto Cemetery, Cubero
  • New Mexico Mining Museum, Grants
  • Sands Motel, Grants
  • Lariat Lodge, Grants
  • Franciscan Lodge, Grants
  • Graces Motel, Grants
  • Wayside Motel, Grants
  • Lavaland Motel, Grants
  • New Mexico Museum of Mining, Grants
  • Lux Movie Theatre, Grants
  • Bandero Volcano/Ice Caves, Grants
  • Route 66 Swap Meet (Hubcaps), Bluewater
  • Bluewater Motel, Bluewater
  • Wall Mural, Thoreau
  • Continental Divide, Thoreau
  • Red Rock State Park, McCune
  • Thunderbird Motel (remains?), Gallup
  • El Rancho Hotel, Gallup
  • Richardson’s Trading Post, Gallup

  • Painted Desert, Navajo
  • Petrified Forest, Navajo
  • Rocky's Old Stage Station, Navajo
  • Joe and Aggies Diner, Holbrook
  • El Rancho Motel & Restaurant, Holbrook
  • International Petrified Forest/Museum, Holbrook
  • Rainbow Rock Shop, Holbrook
  • Wigwam Motel, Holbrook
  • Geronimo Trading Post, Holbrook
  • Jackrabbit Trading Post, Joseph City
  • Homolovi Ruins State Park, WInslow
  • Whiting Brothers, Winslow
  • Old Trails Museum, Winslow
  • Turquoise Room in La Posada, Winslow
  • Standin’ on a Corner Park, Winslow
  • La Posada, Winslow
  • Earl’s Motor Court, Winslow
  • Tonto Drive-In Theater (remains?), WInslow
  • Meteror City Trading Post, Meteor City
  • Route 66 Old Bridge, Meteor City
  • Ruins of Two Guns, Two Guns
  • Apache Death Caves, Two Guns
  • Toonerville Trading Post (remains?), Twin Arrows
  • Padre Canyon Bridge (PP), Twin Arrows
  • Little America, Flagstaff
  • Beaver Street Brewery, Flagstaff
  • Flagstaff Brewing Company, Flagstaff
  • Museum Club, Flagstaff
  • Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff
  • Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff
  • Santa Fe Railroad Depot, Flagstaff
  • Pine Breeze Inn, Bellemont
  • Navajo Army Depot, Bellemont
  • 49 Hill High Point, Bellemont
  • Twisters Soda Fountain, Williams
  • Rod’s Steakhouse, Williams
  • The Canyon Motel, Williams
  • Route 66 Inn, Williams
  • Canyon Country Inn, Williams
  • Highlander Motel, Williams
  • The Red Garter B&B, Williams
  • DeSoto's Barber Shop, Ash Fork
  • Snow Cap Drive-In, Seligman
  • Historic Seligman Sundries
  • Westside Lilo’s Cafe, Seligman
  • harvey House, Seligman
  • Road Kill Cafe, Seligman
  • Historic Route 66 General Store, Seligman
  • Angel Delgadillo’s Barber Shop, Seligman
  • Historic Seligman Sundries, Seligman
  • Historic Route 66 Motel, Seligman
  • Stagecoach 66 Motel, Seligman
  • Supai Motel, Seligman
    (GET GAS)
  • Deer Lodge Cabins, Deer Lodge
  • Hualapai Lodge, Peach Springs
  • Grand Canyon Caverns Inn, Peach Springs
  • Grand Canyon Caverns, Peach Springs
  • Diamond Creek Rd to Colorado River (ST)
  • Frontier Motel, Truxton
  • Red School House, Valentine
  • Hackberry General Store, Hackberry
  • Ranchero Motel, Antares
  • Quality Inn Motel, Kingman
  • Hill Top Motel, Kingman
  • Ramblin Rose Motel, Kingman
  • Powerhouse Visitors Center, Kingman

    (POST 1952 LOOPBACK)
  • Yucca Motel, Yucca
  • Yucca Garage, Yucca
  • Yucca Cafe, Yucca

    (PRE-1952 ROUTE)
  • Fig Springs (remains), Fig Springs
  • Cool Springs (remains), Cool Springs
  • Ed's Camp, Cool Springs
  • Sitgraves Pass, Oatman
  • Goad Road & Mine (remains/open), Oatman
  • Oatman Hotel, Oatman
  • Wild Burros, Oatman
  • Main Street Oatman
  • Topock/Needles Bridges

    (GET GAS)
  • Covered Wagon, Needles
  • 66 Motel, Needles
  • Old Trails Inn, Needles
  • El Graces Hotel, Needles
  • Wagon Wheel, Needles
  • Needles Regional Museum, Needles
  • Fender’s River Road Resort, Needles
  • River Valley Motor Lodge, Needles
  • Desert Mirage Inn, Needles
  • Goff's School House, Goffs
  • Wayside market, Essex
  • Roadrunner's Retreat, Chambless
  • Cadiz Summitt, Chambless
  • Amboy Crater/Spring, Amboy
  • Roys Cafe, Amboy
  • Amboy School, Amboy
  • Joshua Tree National Park, Amboy
  • Bagdad Sign, Bagdad
  • Ludlow Cafe, Ludlow
  • Ludlow Motel, Ludlow
  • Bagdad Cafe, Newberry Springs
  • Withing Bros Station (remains), Newberry Springs
  • Stone Hotel, Daggett
  • Calico Ghost Town, Daggett
  • Route 66 Motel, Barstow
  • Barstow Route 66 Mother Road Museum, Barstow
  • El Rancho Motel, Barstow
  • Casa del Desierto, Barstow
  • Drive Inn (remains), Lenwood
  • Rail Road Marker, Helendale
  • Exotic World Museum, Helendale
  • Sage Brush Inn, Helendale
  • Bottle Tree Farm, Oro Grande
  • Mojave River 1930 Bridge, Oro Grande
  • Emma Jean's Holland Burger, Oro Grande
  • California Route 66 Museum, Victorville
  • New Corral Motel, Victorville
  • Cajon Blvd Historic District, San Bernardino
  • Original McDonald’s Museum, San Bernardino
  • Santa Fe Smoke Stack, San Bernardino
  • Will Rogers Mural, San Bernardino
  • Wigwam Motel, Rialto
  • Bono's Italian Restaurant (finally good food), Fontana
  • Sand & Sage Motel, Fontana
  • Route 66 Memories Curio Shop, Fontana
  • Route 66 Visitors Center, Fontana
  • Upland's Madonna, Upland
  • Buffalo Inn, Upland
  • Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Claremont
  • School House, Claremont
  • Pinnacle Pete's Steak House, San Dimas
  • 1940's Gas Station, Glendora
  • Foothill Drive-In Movie, Azusa
  • Aztec Motel, Monrovia
  • Santa Anita Race Track, Arcadia
  • Saga Motor Motel, Pasadena
  • Fair Oaks Pharmacy, South Pasadena
  • Santa Monica Pier

Note: More information on many of these attractions can be found here.
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Re: Route 66 "Master List" of Attractions

Postby JND » Sat Nov 19, 2011 5:36 am

John McD wrote:Just wanted to note that as a South Pasadena resident, the Fair Oaks Pharmacy is in our little town and not in Pasadena as listed on the Master List.

Thank you for the correction. The change has been made. Actually, I'm a bit surprised Ian didn't catch that one, as he's an employee!
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Re: Route 66 "Master List" of Attractions

Postby route66world » Thu Dec 08, 2011 3:51 am

There are (2) Whiting Bros gas stations in Holbrook not on your list - and you wouldn't know because they have been run down and used for everything else BUT a Whiting Bros gas station for some time now - and one is on the slate to be bull-dozered over...

GREAT list - DAMNNN!!!
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Re: Route 66 "Master List" of Attractions

Postby JND » Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:48 am

Thanks Ed, that's always a work in progress. From faded memory (or just sheer ignorance, take your pick) I can only assume those stations weren't included because, as you'd said, they're unsigned as original structure.

However, if this is not the case, and one of them still has the sign(s), please let me know the exact location and we'll get it on the list. There's plenty up there we enjoy as photo-op only. If this is the case here, lemme know.

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Re: Route 66 "Master List" of Attractions

Postby route66world » Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:04 pm

Actually - the smaller of the two gas station still HAS the sign on the overhang - it just blew over one year and none of the owners decided to put it back up!
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Re: Route 66 "Master List" of Attractions

Postby Mark Booth » Mon Apr 23, 2012 3:22 pm

[url=http://www.atlantaillinois.org/rt66/tourist_palms.html]The Palms Grill Cafe[/url] in Atlanta, IL was in operation from 1934 to the 60's. It was restored starting in 2006 and reopened in 2009. We visited there last year and had some pie, which was delicious. I took a five photos of the Palms Grill Cafe, starting here:


Since I only tried the pie, I don't feel I should nominate this for the restaurant recommendations list in the other forum. But it's certainly a place worth visiting and perhaps worth adding to the Master List of attractions!

BTW, the Palms Grill Cafe is right across the street from the Bunyon Giant and right next door to the Atlanta Museum (also worth a visit).

Mark Booth
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Re: Route 66 "Master List" of Attractions

Postby Charlie » Sat Jun 23, 2012 12:18 am

There is a GPS add-on that has many, many Route attractions. It has a good description of the attractions and some pictures. However, it will not take you to the attractions following Route 66. It's a nice tool but it is no good for navigation. I bought mine at Gay Parita in Paris Springs, Missouri. It's called "Personal GPS Travel Guide To Route 66." I think I paid $20
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Re: Route 66 "Master List" of Attractions

Postby longneckgoose » Sat Nov 24, 2012 6:53 am

I see that the Riviera is still listed in Gardner. Isn't that the place that burned down a few years ago?
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Re: Route 66 "Master List" of Attractions

Postby Charlie » Mon Nov 26, 2012 2:31 am

Yes it did burn down and has been deleted from the list.
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