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National Ham Radio On-air Event for Route 66

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National Ham Radio On-air Event for Route 66

Postby TheEditor » Sun Aug 19, 2007 4:48 pm

This event won't hold much interest for anybody who isn't a radio hobbyist (such as an amateur radio operator or a shortwave listener) ... but September 8 to 16 marks the annual Route 66 On the Air ham radio event.


Federally licensed amateur radio operators will be setting up 17 stations at various points along the route; their callsigns will range from W6A to W6Q. Other stations who contact them on the air (or tune them in) will receive special post cards and/or a certificate as verification.

Those who aren't a part of the official effort can still get into the game by firing up your mobile radios, getting on some portion of Route 66 and operating from the highway. Event organizers are offering endorsements for those who contact mobile 66ers, so stations on wheels will be in demand, too.

I realize this is an esoteric topic, but at least a couple of fellow forum members have mentioned that they're licensed amateur radio operators, and although I haven't brought it up in this forum, I fall into that category, too. And it so happens that Woggles' general forum get-together at the Cozy Dog in Springfield is planned for September 8, so my plan is to re-install my mobile radio and operate from the Mother Road as part of this on-air event (when I'm not hobnobbing with forum friends, of course).

Since I'd rather remain anonymous on the Internet, I'll not mention my callsign, because that can easily be used to ascertain personal information. But any fellow hams with an interest in Route 66 are welcome to send me a private message.

As we lsay ... 73.
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